Thursday, October 22, 2009

Running Out of Time

Time is running out for one of the most important decisions of the year: What is my dog going to be for Halloween?

Her first year, she went as a lobster. She was the absolutely cutest lobster-dog in the world. Okay, she wasn't crazy about the costume, but she was very brave about it until we finally took it off of her and she just gave it hell out in the front yard. That lobster costume had it coming as far as she was concerned. (In her defense, it probably didn't help matters that John and I went as giant yellow bananas.)

The next year, she went as a pumpkin. Didn't much care for the hat, but the costume part didn't bother her all that much.

Last year, she was a very fetching witch-dog. I think she'd resigned herself to the fact that once a year, her parents lose their minds and inflict cute on her, so she actually posed and trotted about like she KNEW she looked good.

So... What is my dog gonna be for Halloween this year? I'm looking for suggestions. Some year I ABSOLUTELY intend to dress John up as the Professor, put on pigtails and short shorts and go as Maryanne, and drape lame on Ginger and have her go as ...Ginger. But not this year.

Ideas anyone?


  1. My daughter wanted me to buy a tutu for a puppy. And let me tell you he's not much of a puppy any more. He's a black german shepard weighing in at almost 80 pounds now. I'm pretty sure he's not getting into a tutu, but it was a pretty funny idea.

    I think Ginger might look good in a tutu. Although, personally I love the lobster.

  2. Yes! Ballerina! She has the cute pointy toes already.

  3. Fairy princess. every little girl has to be one at least once.

  4. I think ballerina fairy princess wins.

  5. I like Jenn's Bevo idea! She has the coloring.

    Then again... dreadlocks would be interesting and possible.