Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Morning on Etsy

Why does everything take soooooo looooong?

I'm not in an especially gripey mood today, but fer the love of cryin' Pete, why does it take me such a long time to photograph and post stuff on Etsy? Okay, my photography skills are not great. I know that. I'm working on getting better and faster. That will come. The descriptions take forever because I have this thesaurus in my head, and I'm never happy with the first word I choose. Can't do anything about that. But everything! It just sucks the time out of my life! It's weird. I start doing something at 9:00, and I look up a few minutes later, and it's 11:30. How is that right?

On the plus side, I'm done with that, and now I can go work on my Use the Muse project. I'm getting very excited about it.
Excited dance!!!

By the way, your voices were heard and votes counted, and Ginger is going as Tinkerbell (Tinkerdog?) for Halloween this year. That's LIKE a fairy ballerina, right? Pictures when they happen.


  1. Wonderful creations! Wish my photos were that perfect...

  2. Your photos are looking great. I'm really liking the shiny black background.

    Your photography time WILL get faster, I promise. Take care!

  3. I agree with you on the Etsy process! From photos, to description, to picking's a lot of work. Your photos look great, though!
    Good luck with your Use the Muse project!

  4. Beautiful pieces. I share your roar, pictures are my downfall. It's like a whole other artistry to learn.

  5. These are all gorgeous but I especially love the cuff and the last piece - the fringing on that one is very nice. Nice work!