Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeling Better

Holy cow, I just belched. It wasn't some subtle and ladylike little *urp*. No, this was a full-on deep chested reverberating he-belch. Man, that felt good. John was not here to experience it. That's actually not a good thing. He would have loved it. We have little competitions sometimes to see who can produce the most loud and offensive belch. I often win. I chose the right man.
The reason I bring up my potentially prize-winning burp is that I was really sick last night and I'm finally starting to feel much better. That is such a wonderful feeling. I'm exhausted and I certainly don't want to hula hoop, but I'm also not lying in a fetal position on the bathroom floor begging the cat to just kill me already, so... great improvement.
I'm a horrible sick person. I totally shut down and moan like a wounded animal and pout and become a very poor communicator. John, while he tried to be helpful, went into full "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU" mode. And that sent me right into "unhelpful one-word answer mode."
John: Let's go back up to bed.
Me: Can't.
John: What's wrong?
Me: Up.
John: Let's go back to bed.
Me: Wanna.
My Stomach: *some kind of horrible noise*
John: What's wrong?
Me: Feel.
John: Let's go back to bed.
Me: *groan*
John: What's wrong?
My Stomach: *somehow worse noise*
I kept trying to get him to go back to bed because, let's face it, I was no picnic, and he was tired and there was really nothing he could do except ask what was wrong, and that WASN'T HELPING. I finally dragged myself pitifully to the couch and rolled up like a dead pill bug. While fending off "Let's go back to beds", I started to finally drift off into a doze and poor John had to call a cab to take him to the airport in a couple of hours. Now I'm sick and feeling incredibly guilty.
I didn't even get out of bed until noon today. That feels so weird. I'm a bad sick person.
John is back in Dallas and I miss him and his "let's go back to bed" 's and I hate that he missed my cool fraternity belch.
In the plus column, I got some beading done today. Pictures to follow soon.