Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Weekend

Had a great show (couldn't have asked for better weather), sold some nice pieces, and got some commission work. It was nice to have a "win." I've grown tired of getting into wonderful shows, hearing from other vendors about how fabulous the show always is, and then sitting around looking at those vendors and hearing about how "this is the worst year EVER for this show." I was beginning to think, "Is it ME?!!!" Why do I have to be the big show-killer? I admit I got into the art show game at the same time that the recession hit. Oops. My bad. What can you do? Timing.

SO... I know a good show can happen. Now, I've got a lot to think about. I need better booth shots. I know that's hurting me in applications. Problem: I feel like I've got a kinda ghetto-booth. It didn't help that the tablecloths had were wrinkled and the whole booth looked like an unmade bed. Also, I didn't realize until we had finished the entire set-up that I had not pulled one of the tablecloths down quite far enough, so one of the plastic planters we use to raise our tables was showing a little in the bottom when the wind blew and gave that corner a car-on-cinder block aura. So, unmade bed on cinder block. Classy. I'm also bothered by the fact that we're using predominantly black felt displays which are straight out of jewelry display central casting, and if they do not get packed just-so, they get creased and unattractive. Unimaginative and potentially creased display. We have no signage or pictures like the sleek jewelers around us. Sometimes I think I must have a hayseed sticking out from between my teeth. I need to do some research on displays. Seriously.

On the plus side, some of my babies found their forever homes. These are a few. Hope they're loved.


  1. Those first few shows are rough. I remember feeling the same way. First, remember that right now the economy sucks and any sale is a GREAT sale. Second, send out lots of post cards, tweet, blog, Facebook, word of mouth, wear your bling, carry biz cards -- whatever it takes to get people to the show. Third, quit comparing your booth to others. I've met lots of people who have spent lots of money on their booth, but it doesn't get them any more sales. What is in the booth is what matters. Just hang in there! BTW, we should get together soon, don't you think?

  2. I'm glad the show went well for you. I think your table covers are awesome. (I can't stand using my sheets for one more show!).

    The blowing wind can expose our unsightly table legs even if the table covers are completely in place. (note to self: paint my pvc pipe risers a dark color right away.)

    Those sleek jewelers around you have been doing it a lot longer. It takes time to get all that stuff together. Look at those trailers some of them use and notice the spouse and kids who help set everything up.

    If you're wanting a sign with your name on it to hang at the back of your tent, see www.monsterpromos.etsy.com . Mine is the "economy" version.

  3. PS - I had wrinkled SHEETS blowing in the wind. It was too windy to even miter the corners and pin them! I had to tie the corners to the table legs.

  4. PPS - I saw an awesome jewelry display this weekend. It involved lots of Pro Panels (walls inside the booth, not just on the outside), lots of shelves, and 2 people putting it together for at least 4 hours.

  5. Laura, I think your booth is very classy and understated. It lets the jewelry take center stage- as it should. The only addition you need is a good sign. If you find a good source, let me know! (maybe they can give a good two fer deal!)

  6. I used to use canvas yardage to cover my tables. On top of that I would have these incredible African tie-dye panels. The look was intentionally not "tailored."

    But where are my manners: Yay! for you and the good show! :D You deserve it! Happy Dance for my friend in Austin!