Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm Teaching at Bead Fest Santa Fe!

I don’t blog much
Oh, I have good intentions, and after I’ve written a post I think, “I’m going to do that more often.”  But it never happens.  I guess I don’t think I have anything more interesting to say than “Hey!  My dog ate a Cheeto!” so I just wait until something awesome happens, and then when something awesome DOES happen, I’m too preoccupied with the awesome to post about it.  That and I don’t want too many people to know that my life really IS just one big run-on sentence.
An awesome happened and I want to tell about it.  I’m teaching Enchanted Evenings Bracelet at Bead Fest Santa Fe in March!  This is my first national show, and I’m a-little-freaking-out about it.  I’m kind of afraid that no one is going to sign up for it.  So, I hereby begin my Campaign of Obnoxiousness (and this is where you, the reader(s?) can help a LOT).  I need to get the word out to as many people who would like to go to Santa Fe (and why wouldn’t you; it’s gorgeous) and take my class.  If anyone can give me a shout-out, I would be forever in your gratitude and would owe you a huge hug and big sloppy kiss.  It's under Laura Zeiner.  I apologize in advance to any of you who are friends with me on any of my social media outlets – I’m not above begging on Twitter or crawling on my hands and knees on Facebook (if that’s possible)  to get my point across.  It’s gonna get aggressive.
Also, if any of you have taught there before and have any helpful hints ("Don't get so nervous that you throw up directly ON the students"), that would also be extremely appreciated.
I guess the scared little beader inside of me just really wants to be taken seriously.  Now, those of you who know me well are thinking, “Why, she’s not a serious person at all!”  You would be right.  But my inner scared little beader is a pushy little princess, and demands respect.  So … there you have it.

You certainly don't have to do skulls, but it IS an option.

In other awesome news, I am also teaching two classes each at Bead Fest Spring and Bead Best Philadelphia (both in Philadelphia).  I plan to ratchet up the obnoxiousness for those two events as the time gets closer.

Also, for those of you who are only into Ginger posts, my dog ate an egg this morning and really liked it. 

Thank you.