Thursday, April 15, 2010

EBW Swap

Those of you who follow this blog have a lot of time on your hands to do other things. This is because, despite my best intentions, I do not update it NEARLY as much as I promised myself I would. Oh, I do it in my head all the time. If every time I thought, "I have done or seen something interesting or relevant," I posted about it, I would have a fairly accurate account of what I'm doing during this exciting new phase of my life. Perhaps I'm afraid that if I am writing I will miss seeing an interesting or relevant thing. Or... I'm just lazy. This is more likely the case.
I'm writing today about the Etsy Beadweaver Swap which is being revealed today. Everyone involved created a piece of jewelry for another person and sent it and received a piece in exchange. I've just looked at the blog post about it, and all the pieces are STUNNING!!! This one is the one I sent to Charlene Abrams, who sent a lovely note, and if she liked it even half as much as she claimed, then I feel great about it.
I was initially a little bit worried. We were sent little bios about the recipients of our jewelry (sizes and preferences and what-not) and Charlene let on in no uncertain terms that she was NOT a fan of jewelry with faces or animals in them. Of course, those of you who are familiar with my work (especially John, who thinks all my jewelry "looks at " him) know that my first thought was, "Man, did SHE get the wrong swap recipient!" Fortunately, I am in a period of not-having-to-insert-a-face-into-everything-I-make, so I was able to send a necklace that might be appropriate.

I cannot WAIT to see mine in person! I've seen a picture of it on the blog (yes, I peeked!). It was created by Carol Holmes and it is LOVELY!

Thanks ladies, and especially Christine, for doing this. It was great fun!