Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blog Party Preview

It's been quite some time (again!) since I did a blog post. I have an exciting thing to talk about, so here we go!

Lori Anderson of Pretty Beads is holding a Bead Soup Blog Party and since I'm fond of bead soup (and soup in general), blogs, and parties, I thought this sounded like a delightful idea. The way this works is you sign up and send your blog info so that Lori can match you up with a partner. Once assigned, the two partners swap a collection of bead soup. Everyone creates a piece with the beads sent and on February 26th, we all blog about what we've created and travel around to all the other blogs to see what everyone has done (hence, the party). I imagine I will have a cocktail in hand; it only seems appropriate.

I was totally thrilled to be paired with Marcy Lamberson, a fantastic whimsical lampworker. We contacted each other, discussed our likes and dislikes (I not-so-subtly made the point that I was NOT a huge fan of pink), and exchanged addresses. I was so pleased to be paired with Marcy, even AFTER I re-read the part in Lori's original mail that she was pairing us as opposites.

I'm whimsical, dammit!

I briefly toyed with the idea of sending her something dark and brooding.
I was on vacation when the assignments were made, so I was down to the wire sending my beads (BIG surprise!), and I sent them without taking pictures of them. Again, SHOCK! So I'm displaying pictures of the beads she sent me.

Wow, right? I mean WOW!

What a cute starfish!

I just want to eat these as a snack!

LOVED these blue rings!

Strands and sticks too (for the record, the sticks did NOT make it into the final piece).

Fun shells

Ginger's favorite turtle toy wanted to be in a picture.

I was totally intimidated, but jumped immediately to the task of ...taking them out every few hours or so, petting them respectfully, and replacing them in their box because I was overwhelmed. It took me a while to really get started.

But now it's done and I'm totally chomping at the bit to post pictures of the finished piece and see what everybody else did.. Please drop by on Saturday to see the end results and party around!


  1. I was expecting to see a turtle in one of the pics. :) I'll be baaack.

  2. Well, if someone (Ginger) drops a turtle toy on your feet fifty thousand times while you are TRYING to take pictures, you eventually get the hint that the toy must want to be in a shot or two.

  3. Hi there i got the link to your blog from Rebecca over at Songbeads, love your etsy shop,love the look of bead weaving i would love to take a workshop oneday to learn this technique. Well u have a wonder mix in your beadsoup, can't Wait to see what u come up with Lana ;)

  4. Hello,
    Beautiful Bead Soup!
    I had to pop over to your Etsy store too.

    The Enchanted Evenings Necklace - Mardi Gras
    is my favorite!

  5. What a gorgeous piece I cannot even begin to think how many hours went into that! I am loving this blog hop I'm seeing so many stunning pieces!

  6. Oh my heavens what a gorgeous masterpiece! Love it! Your doggie is adorable too!

  7. Oh my this is amazing, I feel like I am back at the beach.

  8. This is an amazing piece of bead work, how did I miss it.